Treasure Corner

March 25, 2018

My new friends and I went “treasure hunting” at St. Mark Lutheran Preschool recently. We found family, pets, Lego’s, minecraft and a pink potato!


March 11, 2018

Meet my new friend, Jackson! Jackson was selected by his teachers at Oak Orchard Elementary to have lunch with the author and ask questions that he wrote all by himself! What a treasure!




January 19, 2018

My new friends shared their treasures with me at the Newfane Library. It was fun to hear about Eddie the dog and Red the cat.



December 21, 2017

Treasures from Roy-Hart Elementary! Everything from family to four-wheeler s and even a special one for me!


October 22, 2017


“She loved me no matter what. I knew that because her heart told me so.” Thank you, Google for the image as my original Ann went to “Dolly Heaven” years ago.

June 23, 2017


Today’s treasure doesn’t have a name but is being welcomed into my house after living here for years. Confused? I was too until I looked at things differently and positively. Read the story and share with me yours!

June 8, 2017

Copy of IMG_1304

Today’s “Treasure” is Max! I am proud to say his father and I have been friends since grade school and it has been a privilege to watch him live the dream he spoke of back then. Your support is appreciated, and your friendship is a blessing!

May 11, 2017


Meet Jake and Owen! This week, their amazing mom sent “Treasures” full circle when she sent me this encouraging message: “I love your story and the reasons behind it. I needed to read this even more than the boys did today.”

You see, what she did not know was that I was ending a challenging day myself when her words came through. In the end, we helped each other. That’s what it’s all about.

April 27, 2017


The last page of the book reads “just look around and find one of your own.” Thank you, Teagan, Anna and Rory for taking time on your Easter Sunday to put life into those words. YOU are beautiful treasures and your support means the world!!

April 17, 2017


My friend Sarah gives so much of herself so that other people can have the treasure of loving themselves. She is an inspiration, a blessing and someone I am thankful for every day!

April 2, 2017


Today’s treasure is not in the human form itself, but came from a very special one! This special gift sits on the ledge above my kitchen sink. I look at it several times a day and it reminds me of the “treasures” in my life. Thank you, Maddy!

March 26, 2017


Today’s treasure has been supporting my work since bringing home kindergarten scribbles. This post she made is too touching not to share. Thank you, mom. You’re love is a treasure!

March 19, 2017


Today’s treasure is Alexis! I can’t wait to meet this little gem in person! The recent friendship her mother and I created is one that was meant to be. Her commitment to hard work and family is a joy to observe. Thanks for enjoying the book. YOU are a treasure!

March 12, 2017


Today’s treasure comes as two! These two beautiful girls are Andi and Coraleen and I am thrilled that they love to read Treasures together! There is no stronger bond than the ones that siblings share. They may not know it yet, but they are each others first best friends and their relationship brings pure joy to their family.

Thank you for allowing me to share, Andi and Coraleen. YOU are both treasures!

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