Treasures Around Us

An interactive and impactful message to add to your own Mental Health journey or curriculum.


“The way Sarah turned a struggle into a positive message is truly special. We loved watching the students realize that they too are treasures!”

- Cleveland Hill Elementary​

“If you are an educator, you should absolutely have Sarah visit your school or organization. She is a treasure!”

- Dodge Elementary

“It inspires me that people like Sarah devote their lives to spreading such a thoughtful message to children through literature.”

- Oak Orchard Elementary

“We absolutely cannot wait for Sarah to come back to our organization!”

- Orleans/Niagara BOCES

Treasures will remind children that they have a lot more valuable items in their life than they realize. Great job with the rhyming story, Sarah.”

- Barbara Fanson, Readers Favorite

“I purchased Treasures for my grandson as a Christmas present. Bedtime stories are an enjoyable requirement these days. He chooses this wonderful book often. That makes both of us happy because he gets what he wants and I get to believe he's picking up on a great message.”

- Amazon buyer

Beautiful You is a real confidence-builder type of story. Accompanied by colorful illustrations, it’ll appeal to the young reader, helping them to improve their reading skills while also learning some difficult concepts about beauty. Sarah Klaiber, a mental health advocate, knows how to reach out to young people and present such a difficult concept in a way young people will understand.”

- Jane Hills Orford, Readers Favorite