“Your book is beautiful and I love the message. I actually cried. It was a much needed read for me. Life gets so crazy and we often take for granted the most important things to each of us.”  

Kimberly M.

I purchased “Treasures” for my grandson as a Christmas present. Bed time stories are an enjoyable requirement these days. He chooses this wonderful book often. That makes both of us happy because he gets what he wants and I get to believe he’s picking up on a great message

John L.

Wonderful book. My kids enjoys it nightly as a bedtime story. Reminds us of what is really important

Amazon Customer

Perfect book for keeping little ones grounded in this high tech, materialistic world. Great word choices tell what children (and everyone) value most. Excellent for grandparents’ (and parents’) snuggle time

Charlene G.

“Beautiful, real talk and inspirational!”

Jennifer M.

“I’m keeping what you say close to my heart and will continue to read it when things get tough.”

Amy S.

Treasures is a rhyming children’s book that serves as a reminder that treasures can come in any size and can be found almost anywhere. Some treasures move; some make a sound. We just need to appreciate the small things. Author Sarah Klaiber has written an easy-to-read poem that parents can read to their children or … Continue reading Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

This illustrated children’s book is told in a rhyming scheme, explaining to children how many special things there are in this world. Treasures by Sarah Klaiber is written in two line stanzas, accompanied by colorful pictures that talk about all of the wonderful things we hold close to our hearts. Whether it is a gold … Continue reading Red City Review

Red City Review