Red City Review

This illustrated children’s book is told in a rhyming scheme, explaining to children how many special things there are in this world. Treasures by Sarah Klaiber is written in two line stanzas, accompanied by colorful pictures that talk about all of the wonderful things we hold close to our hearts. Whether it is a gold ring, a trophy, a lovable pet dog, a flower we find in the garden, a doll, a trusted car that gets us places, or even a newborn baby, there are many kinds of treasures. The book explains that not all treasures are shiny and in great shape, sometimes treasures are the people we love and care about, our friends, our family, and those who are there for us during times of need. This is an important lesson to young children that teaches them to love and appreciate not only the material things, but also the special relationships we have with one another.

This book is the perfect bedtime story for younger children, as the rhyming lines are easy to get through, and the many illustrations keep the book exciting. The artwork by Jeffrey Scott Perdziak is well done and goes with the story perfectly. The narrative itself is not very long, but since it goes through so many different kinds of treasures, it will keep children involved in the story line. The lesson offered is a crucial one, and parents will be sure to support the message that the book is trying to make.