Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Treasures is a rhyming children’s book that serves as a reminder that treasures can come in any size and can be found almost anywhere. Some treasures move; some make a sound. We just need to appreciate the small things. Author Sarah Klaiber has written an easy-to-read poem that parents can read to their children or early readers can read for themselves. The pencil color illustrations by Jeffrey Scott Perdziak in Treasures clearly demonstrate the essence of the story. The colorful images have a consistent look with similar styles. Consistency in the illustrations adds to the cohesion, professionalism, and appearance of the book.

Treasures is an easy-to-read discovery book with simple, but colorful pictures. Parents can end each day by reading this book with their children. Developing rituals at bedtime or during the day should be part of a child’s routine. Reading a familiar book each night may signal to a child that the day is over and it is time to go to sleep. Treasures is a short story that is relatable and everyone reading it can think of a similar treasure. Perhaps after reading a stanza, parents can pause and ask children if they can think of a similar object. Does your family have a family heirloom? Have you ever found something of value? What was the last “treasure” that you bought? Perhaps asking questions will engage young readers and encourage them to participate. Treasures will remind children that they have a lot more valuable items in their life than they realize. Great job with the rhyming story, Sarah Klaiber.