Treasures Around Us

An interactive and impactful message to add to your own Mental Health journey or curriculum.

self refelction

Head Nods and Peace Signs

My pre pandemic summers were almost always greeted with my feet dangling from a tailgate; parked, safe, happy and carefree…watching head nods and peace signs. Let me set the record straight about us deadheads. Some escape. Some enhance. Some do both. Now, let me set another record straight. Differences in choices and lifestyles are not invitations to be a jerk.

Once upon a time, I tried out for show choir. It was not for personal growth. It was not to showcase a talent. I just wanted to be a part of something…and I sucked at sports. I still do. Once upon a time, I associated acceptance with adequacy. Once upon a time, I allowed someone else to decide if I could sing and dance with others.

Thank goodness, many treasures are uncovered with time. Maturity helps us choose what perceptions we decide to call truth. These truths become values we store in a personal vault that is unlocked when decisions are needed. I have made many.

Today, the person accepting is me. I accept my actions. I accept my words. I accept my imperfections. I accept that some of my traits are a condition…not a personality. That is because today, I dance on grass…not a stage and my auditions require nothing but a good mood. Dance with me, friends.

Shift: A Poem Dedicated to Recovery

Today I smiled at my face in the mirror
For the first time in years
I picked up the pieces of what was a future
Whose weight once brought me to tears
I’m trading in my mask for some new mascara
And letting go to put time on my hands
The fog is thick and coated with wonder
But the clearing tells me I can

Shift into gear and drive out of the haze
Where demons dance on the roads of a maze
Where temptation dangles from every tree
And sin lives in shadows that no one can see

I wasn’t dizzy today when I lifted my head
So, I stretched to pat my own back
I’m re introducing myself to myself to forget
How to run with the pack
My goals spread their wings ’cause I’ve given them choices
So, I unite a need with a plan
While on my knees watching stained glass refelcting
I believe that I can

Shift into gear and drive out of the haze
Where the new air delivers a promise and praise
Where the truth doesn’t hurt ’cause it wears a new face
And I breathe to fill my soul of this place


to hear the version in song, click here