Treasures Around Us

An interactive and impactful message to add to your own Mental Health journey or curriculum.

My Journey

Today's children and young adults sometimes face issues they did not invite and do not understand.

Helping them, connect with what they value to help overcome is very important to me. You don’t need a shovel to find a treasure!

There are millions of options today when it comes to books and/or presentations for young audiences. At the same time, the topic of positive thinking has become more popular than ever. I never thought that my personal struggle would be shared with such a variety of audiences, but I am so glad it is!

The power of appreciation is mighty. This concept I share fits perfectly with any educator’s mission to teach mental health in their forums. There are always treasures around us, at every moment in time. Every happening, even the not so pleasant offers an opportunity to reflect and learn.

The creation of “Treasures” occurred on my climb out. 

Writing was always a dependable source of happiness, but for years depression caused my pen to stand still. The decision to fight the right way led to several lifestyle changes. This included dusting off my passion and finding time in each and every day to find something to appreciate.


I wrote “Treasures” for my children.

It was my way of saying “Thank you for being patient and forgiving me for not being my best at times.”

The reaction from its readers was beyond what I expected.

Suddenly, I found myself sharing my story and message to audiences both young and old, in an interactive and appropriate way. “Beautiful You” was written three years later when I realized that the most important thing we all should appreciate is ourselves. The book speaks to individual differences and the wonderful additions we all are to this world.

Today, I am the brave voice of someone who gets it, someone who still struggles but is not ashamed to admit her imperfections if it means helping others know they are not alone.

I describe my blog and social media presence as an opportunity to connect, comfort, and remind each other to prioritize our busy minds.

I invite you to join me!

Stop. Look. Appreciate.

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- Sarah Klaiber

My story

“It inspires me that people like Sarah devote their lives to spreading such a thoughtful message to children through literature.”

– Oak Orchard Elementary