Sarah’s Journey

Sarah Klaiber’s book and message teaches all generations that “You don’t need a shovel to find a treasure!”

There are millions of options today when it comes to books for
young audiences. At the same time, the topic of positive thinking
has become more popular than ever. Sarah Klaiber delivers a
unique and heartfelt approach to both genres.

The importance of positive thinking is certainly not a new concept.
However, the reason WHY we should be positive exists beyond
our perception of everyday things and events. There are always
treasures around us, at every moment in time. Every happening,
even the not so pleasant, offers us an opportunity. We all have the
power and right to define value. “You don’t need a shovel to find a
treasure.” Stop. Look. Appreciate.

The creation of “Treasures” occurred on a personal journey. Sarah
always loved to write, but for years, depression caused her pen to
stand still. Once she decided to fight the silent battle, she became
committed to several lifestyle changes. This included bringing back
the passion and creativity that was once a dependable source of
happiness. This also included taking time out of each and every
day to find something to appreciate.

“I wrote this book for my children. It was my way of saying “Thank you for being patient.”

The reaction was beyond what Sarah expected. Suddenly, she
found herself wondering if her message could go beyond the book
pages. If more children grew up learning the power of appreciation,
perhaps the world could be a happier place.

Sarah Klaiber is the brave voice of someone who gets it, someone
who still struggles but is not ashamed to admit her imperfections
if it means helping others know they are not alone. She describes
her blog and social media presence as “an opportunity to connect,
comfort and remind each other to prioritize our busy minds.”

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