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Shift: A Poem Dedicated to Recovery

Today I smiled at my face in the mirror
For the first time in years
I picked up the pieces of what was a future
Whose weight once brought me to tears
I’m trading in my mask for some new mascara
And letting go to put time on my hands
The fog is thick and coated with wonder
But the clearing tells me I can

Shift into gear and drive out of the haze
Where demons dance on the roads of a maze
Where temptation dangles from every tree
And sin lives in shadows that no one can see

I wasn’t dizzy today when I lifted my head
So, I stretched to pat my own back
I’m re introducing myself to myself to forget
How to run with the pack
My goals spread their wings ’cause I’ve given them choices
So, I unite a need with a plan
While on my knees watching stained glass refelcting
I believe that I can

Shift into gear and drive out of the haze
Where the new air delivers a promise and praise
Where the truth doesn’t hurt ’cause it wears a new face
And I breathe to fill my soul of this place


to hear the version in song, click here

1 thought on “Shift: A Poem Dedicated to Recovery”

  1. There is a lovely sentiment of hope and healing behind your words and the beautifully composed song. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, as it required a depth of vulnerability for sure.
    Sometimes we just have to admit we are all struggling at times, unable to “carry on” as normal. There are days in which disappearing in one way or another is tempting, but that is never the answer. We all need a break from the daily routine, and I have found I need to offer that to myself.
    My firm foundation and faith in The God of The Bible has lifted me way beyond what humanly would have been possible: He transformed me from the INSIDE out. To know His love makes me only want to serve others and share it, share HIM with the world.
    My God continue to bless you, uplift your heart, and fill you with His eternal perspective. My grandmother’s famous quote:
    “This life is short, It soon will pass, Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

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