Treasures Around Us

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The Break Up

Hello, January. We need to talk.

But, before I begin, it’s important to know that the first pieces of these thoughts were formed years ago…when I wasn’t brave enough to confront you.

January, you disguise yourself as a new beginning but, you are nothing but a reason to procrastinate.

You are an enabler.

You want all of my changes for yourself so you throw obstacles at my goals all year.

By keeping my fear of failure at a distance, you’ve slowed my personal growth.

Now, I resent you.

January, I can no longer overthink your expectations.

And, I don’t need your bandwagon of resolution seekers to help me figure out where or who I need to be.

What if I don’t desire to be drastic?

What if I choose to just simply maintain?

January, my focus and motivation are greater than your need to control thanks to eleven other months.

From now on, a brand new start or simple change is going to happen when I want it to.

Good things come to those who wait.

Great things come to those who don’t.

It’s not you, it’s me.


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