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Back In The Day

Bald eagles and wheat pennies are proof; proof that with rarity comes appreciation. Some say that verbal communicationcan can join that club. Why is it that conversation feels like a dying art while our voices haven’t gone anywhere?

Severed words and animated emotions are here to stay. They were birthed by devices that have been keeping our heads down at the dinner table for years. Back in the day, bonds were formed with utensil filled hands and sharing sessions. Expressions were read and they often changed moods.

This togetherness I’m referring to can be described in many ways; beautiful…limited…missed…forced. We cannot fault our children for what they have never known or perhaps resented. Were you always the best company? How often did less important things disappoint a better moment that was waiting to come to life? I know I would turn back time if I could. In a heartbeat.

I also know that for twelve long years, my husband and I worked opposite shifts. Therefore, for twelve long years, a group text was our virtual dinner table. If you ask me, technology has turned spontaneity and frequency into treasures. Think about it.

Back in the day, we had no idea that we were being thought of because thoughts in their prime were lost in the inability to immediately deliver. Before texting, the worried mother lost needed sleep. Before texting, a morning spat lasted longer than it needed to. Before texting, depression had less attackers and so it lingered.

Don’t judge the electronically dependant world without prioritizing your own personal values boundaries and needs.

While I appreciate all differences, I pray there is one thing we can all agree upon. Any message, thought, scroll, post, selfie, email, stock trade, Ebay bid or line up change is NOT more important than a life. KEEP YOUR PHONE DOWN WHEN YOU’RE DRIVING!

But, if you’re not behind the wheel and need to compose some hurtful words, go ahead. Then, delete them before sending and know in your heart that’s just not you.

And if you need a filter to feel like you look good, use one. But, know in your heart that you don’t need it.

Remember that a beautiful world surrounds you in the form of voices, paper and nature. Take advantage of it. If you love someone, pull out the earbuds and replace the podcast with a whisper. Send a heart emoji when distance challenges you. Be pro active when it comes to protecting what you feel is important. And, above all, remember…

YOU are a treasure!

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  1. Wonderfully expressed. I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I don’t like using it to replace in-person contact but I also see the advantage it holds in reaching more people than we could without it. Thank you for reminding us to use it but not abuse it. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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