Treasures Around Us

An interactive and impactful message to add to your own Mental Health journey or curriculum.

Costume Change

For a couple of years, my best friend was floppy with red hair.

She loved me, no matter what.

I knew it because her heart told me so.

One day, with the help of some fabric, some yarn and a creative mom I became her.

Yeah, I became her and I made people smile.

I was cute instead of buck toothed and awkward.

That was the first Halloween I remember.

As years changed, so did fads and costume changes.

But, I have always stayed true to my appreciation for the day dedicated to being something…someone other than myself.

While today my children have some memories of embarrassment and questioning my sanity, I selfishly have no regrets.

It felt good to step away from roles of maid, chef, teacher…nag.

The right to responsibly have fun and escape from yourself once in a while has no age limit.

So, give it a try.

To the princess:

Let that sparkle make you feel like the beautiful person you are every day, but don’t feel like it as chores and deadlines wear you down.

To the villian:

Here is your chance to be the bad ass you sometimes wished you were. Be proud that respect and professionalism lead you to the right choices when things get tough.

To the superhero:

Enjoy the cape and the shield but remember you don’t need them to fight emotional intruders.

And to you…no matter who you are or who you choose to be:

Remember today and every day that…

YOU are a treasure!

(spoken word version can be found here)

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