Will you go treasure hunting with me?

I hope as I make these first key strokes that this is the start of something special. This is the moment that I am supposed to say something magical to capture and keep your attention. This is the moment that I am expected to present something powerful, something meaningful that will keep and grow my audience. Here it is: Be a Treasure. Make a Treasure. Find a Treasure.

My goal is to remind us of that, even on the days we feel the aforementioned is an impossible task. This is not because I claim to be an expert in happiness. I simply believe the world needs more of it. Take note that I am not saying kindness here. Kindness, to me, is more of an act than a feeling.  It involves effort that manifests from natural and internal joy. Have you ever pictured an angry person starting a random act or pay it forward chain?

So, why now this need to force myself to appreciate the small things? First, a very brief history lesson. “Treasures” was born as a simple poem when my children looked like they do on the cover. With nothing but ink and loose leaf, we created our own images of what a treasure was to us, from a shiny ring to a dirty blanket. As someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as she can remember, the moments with my children and our “treasures” were a much needed escape to the happiness I deserved. But quickly and without notice, the pressure of being the perfect wife, mother and employee re directed my focus. I began to overlook and take for granted when I should have been enjoying and appreciating. I will share in future posts details of the decision and journey that brought me to where I am today (still far from perfect.)  A step in that journey reminded me that it is okay to tell life’s pressures that they come second sometimes. I am not at all implying that we quit our jobs and re-enact Thelma and Louise. I am saying that your world will not end if you set aside some time to recognize things that you enjoy. When I began to do this, my life changed, but I am still far from perfect.

The resurrection of “Treasures” was supposed to be nothing more than a check off the bucket list. But, oh, how the responses made my thoughts evolve. I unexpectedly found myself reminding others that there are always treasures around us, we just have to prioritize, focus and find them. The message in my book does not need to fade each time the front and back covers meet.

Now, back to the question of why now this need to go public with my new desire to appreciate the small things? Because thoughts become habits. And I had a habit of being sad and fearful for way too long.  I believe that with your help, I can train my mind and heart to take just a piece of each day to be grateful for things that others may consider small. Each time I am able to do this, I am replacing anxiety and depression with happiness. Just five more minutes of happiness each day, to me, is a treasure.

On that note, I ask you, my friends to hold me accountable. Inspire me by sharing the little things you would have never realized you were thankful for before reading my words. Show me that car with the rust holes and those muddy paw prints on your floor.

What if each day one more person felt appreciation for just one more minute of each day. Eventually, could there be a happier world? Perhaps. If you want it, join me. I ask you…Will you go treasure hunting with me?



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