Treasures Around Us

An interactive and impactful message to add to your own Mental Health journey or curriculum.

My Mission

To use my personal stories as proof that the connection between appreciation and happiness can help in the battle against depression. You don’t need a shovel to find a treasure!

Today, I am the brave voice of someone who gets it; someone who still struggles but not ashamed to admit that if it means helping others.

Through color and rhyme, my books deliver the importance of appreciating the things around us and about us.

Our children and young adults sometimes face issues they do not invite. Listening to them reflect and share what is important to them is truly a treasure of my own.

“It’s rare that the entire auditorium is completely silent for that long. Sarah had their attention.”

– Williamsville North High School

“Sarah turned a personal struggle into a positive message that our children will learn from.”

– Cleveland Hill Elementary

About My Books

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Sarah Klaiber

If the simple definition of a treasure is “something of value,” then why do we often automatically envision a buried chest of precious gems to define the term? In a world where we tell ourselves to “stop and smell the roses” and that “money does not buy happiness,” this easy read is a must. Its meaningful message will show a child how good it feels to love and appreciate while reminding the adult reader the same.

Beautiful You

Sarah Klaiber

Beautiful You is a heartfelt invitation to appreciate our individual differences and strengths. What makes us unique also makes us special and the sooner this is realized, the sooner self-confidence is built. Through color and rhyme, children’s author and mental health advocate Sarah Klaiber delivers this important message that is sure to empower young audiences and those who play a role in their lives.